What’s On in Blackpool?

Blackpool_1There’s a lot to see and do in Blackpool. Whether you’re seeking thrills or looking to relax, there’s something for everyone. When considering accommodation, it’s useful to know that you’ll have easy access to the attractions you’re interested in.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Boasting a huge selection of rides, this is one of Britain’s most loved and famous amusement parks. There are rollercoasters galore, from the classic “Grand National”, to the more modern, faster and scarier “Big One”. While it’s fun for all the family, it’s not aimed purely at children. Thrill seekers of all ages will enjoy the pleasure beach.

Blackpool Tower

The iconic tower, a marvel of Victorian engineering, while an attraction itself is home to a further five attractions. Climb up to 518ft to the tower eye – or take the lift – and look out to the Irish sea or step onto the glass and gaze down at the cobblestones far below. The 4D cinema will take you back in time on an immersive trip down memory lane. Diving down below ground, check out the dungeon where a 60 minute show awaits you. It will take you on a grim and dark journey through the past, meeting with witches and torturers, among other dastardly characters. For something more… Civilised, make your way to the ballroom: enjoy the famous tea dances daily, and feel free to partake in a waltz or tango yourself!

Theatre and Music

There are shows of all types throughout the year in Blackpool. Many take place in the famous “Viva”. Music, comedy, drama and magic shows are available to watch throughout the year. “The Grand Theatre” is another stunning location.

Seasonal Events

Throughout the year Blackpool plays host to many great festivals and events.

  • The Blackpool Illuminations – see the city lit up from September – November. There is a weekend event dedicated to the switching on of the lights.
  • The World Fireworks Championship is also held in Blackpool in September.
  • The Winter Gardens Film Festival showcases modern and classic examples of black and white films.